We offer tailor-made team building programs and events for organizations and companies that want to boost their employees’ or clients’ interest in sustainability and corporate social responsibility. These team building programs introduce the topics of sustainability or strategies in the field of climate change (the path to net zero) in a fun and adventurous way. By combining games, team activities or personal and group reflections, we can get participants excited about the topic of sustainability and strengthen the engagement and loyalty of your employees and clients.

Sustainable, eco or „green“ teambuilding and event can:

Catch interest and increase engagement

Forget about ordinary team building and give your events a different and more meaningful dimension. Give your employees a unique experience that they will enjoy and that will make them more enthusiastic and engaged about the topic of sustainability.


Involve your employees or customers and introduce them to sustainability topics in an experiential and playful way. Support their personal involvement, introduce them to possible solutions or sustainable plans of your organization.

Increase impact

Support your brand by communicating sustainable initiatives, whether to employees or clients. Gain ambassadors through a shared experience and encourage teams to collaborate and take a greater interest in sustainability.

A sustainable teambuilding  or event can have for example these goals:

  • Present the topic of sustainability in an adventurous way and allow participants to experience it through fun activities
  • Familiarize participants with your sustainable strategies in an experiential and playful way, strengthen loyalty and a sense of belonging to the organization
  • Inspire and motivate to take individual or group action in sustainability
  • Bonding the team and finding common values ​​in it
  • Strengthen team cooperation and communication


Our sustainable team building programs are focused on the targeted, well thought out and structured building and development of teams at any stage of their development. Programs can lead to a deeper understanding of team members, building mutual trust, promoting self-confidence, developing team communication, revealing natural leadership skills and improving the use of creative teamwork techniques.

We can organize both outdoor and indoor events.

Sustainable teambuilding

We complement our sustainable teambuilding events with experiential techniques that introduce participants to sustainability in a playful way, create a common experience between participants and also provide space to get to know each other more deeply. During the teambuilding events, we also work with the individual motivation of each participant to create their own vision and action plan in ​​sustainability. During activities we also provide practical advice and concrete examples of positive sustainable practice.


Among the methods we use are:

  • Coaching and positive psychology techniques
  • Experiential education
  • Outdoor and indoor teambuilding activities
  • Discussions, work in groups, reflection, sharing of experiences among participants
  • Games to show parallels with real life situations
  • Teamwork based activities
  • Action planning and personal vision creation

Activities and content:

We use modern educational methods, various types of model situations, games,  team building activities and techniques based on experiential pedagogy, psychology and coaching. The specific choice of activities always depends on your requirements and needs. We will prepare the final program on the basis of joint consultations and situational analysis.

We also organize group workshops on the topic of sustainability or ecology. More info here.