More and more organizations are considering a climate action strategy, decarbonization, and/or renewables. The favorable economics of technology, combined with the moral and operational imperative of global warming mitigation, continue to push companies forward in their ability to identify and adopt new solutions. Embracing sustainable practices is no longer an option for business, it became an imperative for forward looking organizations. 

As an independent advisor we will obtain a holistic picture of technological options, costs and investment parameters that can help reaching your goals. We make unbiased recommendations on the best solutions at the best price. 

We can tailor solutions to your need and benchmark best industry trends for you. Among our solutions you can find:

Electricity and energy management

Renewable energy prices continue to fall and have became competitive with traditional sources of electricity. Companies can more easily simultaneously save money, plan for volatility and meet their environmental goals.

We can help with assessing your renewable power options and guide you through  the various forms of purchase options such as: 

  • Green energy options
  • Green certificats
  • Renewable power purchase agreements and others. 

New technology adoption

We can help you orient in latest technological trends such as:

  • Combined heat  & power
  • Hydrogen (production, purification, source of electricity, fuel) 
  • On site Solar power
  • Waste to energy
  • Circular buildings 
  • LED lightings 
  • Microgrids

Carbon offsetting

Invest in projects that either eliminate or sequester emissions somewhere else. They can effectively zero out the impacts of operational emissions and can also convey additionality. You can choose from project such as:

  • Biodiverse reforestation
  • Gas capture
  • Renewable energy
  • Environmental and social projects

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